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Aug, 19 (Saturday) at 13:00
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Special and last-minute offers

When sending a booking request for a special offer, please note that it is an order of the special offer. The order is completed after paying an advance payment. Amount of money for an advance payment is specified in the offer. Payment details (e.g., bank account number) are sent by e-mail with confirmation of the booking request. The number of special offers is limited.

Families with children (guesthouse TATRA)
7 nights with half board from 26.08.2017 (Saturday)
2 adults and 2 children under 15
500.00 €
discount 147.00 €
Room: 4-bed suite, guest house TATRA
Meals: 7 x breakfast, 7 x dinner (children's portion for children)
Additional fees: local tax (0.50 € person/night)
Required advance payment: 100.00 €
Number of offers: 1